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TurkishBank provides all financial needs of Expats living in Turkey!

TRL and FX Accounts

It’s easy to open an account with TurkishBank by applying in person with the documents stated below:
• Passport copy
• ID/ Taxation number for foreigners
• Banking agreement
• Residential address document 

Maestro Debit Card

CashCard provides you the safety with its PIN, the convinience by offering 7/24 usage facility and customer contact center.
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Credit Card

Expats living in Turkey can have easily TurkishBank Credit Card by blocking the amount as much as the credit card limit.
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Safe Deposit Box

You can lease a safe deposit box with a size that meets your need at TurkishBank branches to keep your precious items and papers safe.
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Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Cards can be obtained without opening an account with TurkishBank.

The fastest, easiest and cheapest way to transfer money to your home country or from your country to Turkey, it’s TurkishBank Prepaid Cards. Card Extra can be your money transfer assistant.
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Branches that are in charge of the Expat Banking in İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir are as follows.

İstanbul: Ms. Ayşenur Kaynak Tel: +90(212) 315 11 33
Ankara: Ms.Elif Gülçin Demir Tel: +90(312) 431 13 15
İzmir: Mr.Ozan Emrah Tahmaz Tel: +90(232) 483 33 02

Customer Care Hotline +90(212) 373 73 73

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